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Our Mission

To create an environment where people can learn, network, and ultimately build up a community for data science based in, but not limited to, the city of Leeds.


Offering technical workshops including Python, R and SQL.

Data Challenges

Running internal and external team and individual data challenges alongside brand partners and academic experts.


Hosting networking meet-up events to facilitate connections.


Arranging exclusive visits to big name employers, inviting industry partners to present employability seminars and sharing ads for relevant job vacancies.

Online Learning Content

Providing and collating digital training materials, comments and tips from data science professionals.


Cultivating a community for learning and exploring alongside like-minded individuals from a mix of backgrounds and abilities.

Who we are

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Verity Tether



Amanda Otley

Digital Content Manager


Ellie Marfleet

Events Co-ordinator


Sarah Gadd

Outreach Officer


Annabel Whipp



Fran Pontin



Mitali Agrawal

Social Media Officer


Ryan Urquhart

Communications Officer


Vicki Jenneson

Operations Manager

30 Days of JanuaRy


Whether you’re a beginner, or are keen to get more practice, join us in making learning (and/or improving your) data analysis skills in R your 2020 New Year’s Resolution…


Day 30

Well done…you’ve made it!

Day 29

Exporting data, plots and maps.

Day 28

Hex mapping the election results.

Day 27

Demographic analysis - radar plots (2).

Day 26

Demographic analysis - radar plots (1).

Day 25

Demographic analysis - correlations.

Day 24

Explore the referendum info.

Day 23

Faceting maps.

Day 22

Interactive mapping.

Day 21

Mapping the election results.

Day 20

Preparing the data for mapping.

Day 19

Plotting a Sankey diagram.

Day 18

Faceting plots.

Day 17

Plotting the data (2).

Day 16

Plotting the data.

Day 15

Re-visiting data prep.

Day 14

Visualisation with ggplot2.

Day 13

Tidying up our document.

Day 12

Using gather() and spread().

Day 11

Summarising the election results.

Day 10

Joining dataframes.

Day 9

More data manipulation.

Day 8

Piping through functions.

Day 7

Introduction to the Tidyverse.

Day 6

Packages and Functions.

Day 5

Cleaning/prepping the data (2).

Day 4

Cleaning/prepping the data (1).

Day 3

Downloading and importing the data.

Day 2

Getting to grips with R Markdown.

Day 1

Setting up your workspace.


Series intro and overview.

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